Jonathan Markov

Jonathan Markov is an extraordinary musician, singer-songwriter who began piano lessons at age 7. At 9 years old, he joined the Cambridge Kiwanis Boys Choir, where he travelled across Canada, England, The Netherlands, and The United States. Through his 9 years with the choir, he has become an amazing vocalist and singing harmonies has become second nature. Jonathan was given the role of head chorister, where he learned to work with and lead younger choristers in a gentle and understanding manner.

Through high school, Jonathan played trombone in the school Concert and Jazz Band. Jonathan grew up with his father’s finger-styled folk-rock guitar playing and inherited a similar technique, but has evolved to his own style, and adapts well to many other different styles and genres. Not only does he play acoustic guitar, he is a proficient electric guitar, bass, trombone, and ukulele player, and has recently picked up the banjo (he says it weighs about 10 lbs). Along with his array of instruments, Jonathan has an extensive knowledge of loop stations and guitar effects pedals. His intricate looping during his performances have been compared to that of Ed Sheeran. He performs regularly as a solo artist with his trusty loop station, as well as in a duo and band.


Jonathan is very excited to be teaching at Performance Studios for a second year, and sharing his love of music with his students!

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