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Unlock the world of melody and rhythm with 'Growing with Music' – an enchanting musical journey designed to ignite the passion for music in young children aged 1 to 5, all while fostering precious moments of bonding with parents. Get ready to embark on a harmonious adventure that nurtures young minds and creates lifelong connections through the magic of music!"

​Julie Kerkhoff:

"Having seen my daughter grow within the programs Karen facilitates, has been both wondrous and enlightening!  Her opportunity for singing, dancing, exploring of instruments, learning different elements of music and interacting with other children, has provided a fun and exciting way for her to grow and develop.  Thank you!"

   MIXED AGES : 1 to 5 years
  • 30 min weekly classes, each child accompanied by parent/caregiver with their participation

  • Features: singing, expressive movement, dancing, listening, creativity, tonal/rhythmic & beat development, instrumental play & exploration, basic musical concepts, literature linked to music & movement, parenting education, social development, family music-making, & school readiness preparation

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