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Private Lessons

We offer the opportunity to learn many instruments as well as train your voice to sound wonderful when singing.
Violin                                     Drums
Guitar                                    Harmonica
​Piano                                     Vocal
​​Ukulele                                  Recorder


​​Registration Forms are available on the Contact page.


Shannon Rawn:

"Karen has been my piano teacher since I was in Kindermusik, as I grew up so did my love for music and the piano."

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Brian Cameron:

"I've been taking guitar lessons from Wayne King at Performance Studios for almost a year now.  After this summer's recess I've returned for another year.  The reason is that every lesson I come away with a kernel of knowledge that I simply will not find in conventional method/teaching books; one example, Wayne has shown me  several alternate ways of playing chords, making it easier to achieve better sounding chord progression.  And, it's all been fun!"